Wrestling is a body-to-body combat sport and wrestlers try top in or throw their opponents to the ground. Except certain athletics disciplines, wrestling is one of the oldest competitive sport and in the course of time, various styles and forms have improved. Greco-Roman Wrestling was at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, Freestyle Wrestling was introduced at the St. Louis Games in 1904. It is known that the Turks have been wrestling since 5th century BC. It is also known that the Wrestling competitions were held at wedding ceremonies, feasts of victory and celebrations for revival of nature in spring months. Turkish Wrestling Federation was founded in 1923. In 1996, an important step was taken for sand wrestling by establishing the Traditional Sports Federation in 1996.


  • Start: It is an invitation for the wrestlers, who stand in their corners, to come towards the middle of the area and shake each other’s hand.
  • Pin: To force an opponent's two shoulders on to the mat at the same time so winning the match.
  • Warning: It is a warning given by the referee to the wrestler that he has breached the rules.
  • Score Referee: A referee that assists the centre referee during the match and gives points to the wrestlers.
  • Technical Superiority: A win declared in a bout when one wrestler gains a 6-point lead on the other or regardless of the opponent’s point, reaching the 5 points game or two times gaining the 3 points game calls technical superiority.

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