Rafael Pinkhasov Pinchas, one of the press members in Samsun to follow Deaflympics 2017. Pinchas, an academic at the same time, owns one of the most comprehensive books ever written on Deaflympics history.

Rafael Pinchas, 60 years old, born in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, which was part of the Soviet Union, collected his 46 years of work in the book named "History of Deaflympic Games".

The book, which he completed in 2014 and dedicated to Deaflympics' 90th anniversary, contains all the summer and winter Deaflympics that have been organized up to that date. Experienced archivist, "My interest in sports started in my childhood and I was interested in many sports. Wrestling, athletics, etc. But at the age of 7, I started chess. At the age of 12, I achieved great successes in chess in Uzbekistan, and I had my name even in the newspapers. Later I moved to the USA and completed my academic education at Gallaudet University and gave English and sign language lessons at the same university.

Pinchas, who had watched a total of 18 Olympics in the summer and winter forms before, stated that the planning and venues in Samsun are very good and added: "Having a high level of participation can lead Samsun to be the best. Turkey made the promotion works very well. The budgets are huge. There was an average budget in Taiwan, for example."


Pinchas added that he could not forget the celebrations made by Turkey after gaining the gold medal in the football in the games of 1997 and continued: "I was at the Olympics in 1997, Turkey qualified for final in football. Although they are not the favorite team, they gained the gold medal by winning the finals. I still remember the enthusiasm there. The President Süleyman Demirel of the day was also in that group, my book includes also this part. Turkish people love football. I think this championship in 1997 also triggered the third place in the 2002 World Cup."

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