Turkey Karate Deaf National Team, the most numerous of the Turkish Deaflympics teams, aims to surpass 6 medals achieved at Sofia Deaflympics 2013.

The aim of Turkey Karate Deaf National Team, who won 6 medals in Sofia Deaflympics 2013, aims to surpass their previous achievement. Head coach İbrahim Ergin spoke to the media before the Games, which will be held in Samsun between 18-30 July.

Ercin reminded that their team is the most numerous Turkish team. He continued: “We formed the roster from the winners and runner-ups of the Turkish championship. Our athletes trained with a buddy system. We could have used one athlete for multiple categories but we used each athlete for one categpry to allow all of our athletes to compete. God willing, we expect each one of them to be a medalist”.


Fatih Çiçek, one of the athletes expected to become a medalist, wants to continue his success in 2013: “I became the Olympic champion in the Games held in Bulgaria. My goal in Samsun is to become the champion again in Samsun and to hoist the Turkish flag”.


The Turkish Karate Deaf National Team is led by head coach İbrahim Ercin. The other coaches are Uğur Sezginer, Osman Ayhan, Ahmet Çelebi, Adnan Çelen, Feray Erel and Nurkan Kayacık. The 24-person squad is as follows:

Gamze Kersteci, Osman Kula, Melek Morgil, İrem Özkar, Brak Can, Rümeysa Akyüzlü, Mehmet Ali Sapmaz, Melek Dereköy, Volkan Kardeşler, Şükrü Dündar, Fatih Çiçek, kader Işık, Sena Sönmez, Rezzan Işık, Zeliha Işık, Fatih Akbulut, Abdullah Ataş, Şaban Köse, Yücel Taşkulak, Burak Tiryaki, Oğuzhan Genç, Rıfat Onay, Doğan Kazmacı, Ümit Özçevik.


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