Deaflympics 2017 is a great opportunity for sports that are not yet in the games to show themselves. A team from Poland came to Samsun to promote sailing which was not yet involved in Deaflympics, despite being an Olympic branch.

While the competitions in 21 different sports are continuing at full speed, some willing sports branches that want to be part of this big organization from the next games are trying to show themselves.

Despite being in the Summer Olympics, a team from Poland came to Samsun and organized promotional activities in Samsun Sailing Club between 23-26 July in order to promote the sailing not included in Deaflympics.

Tomasz Guminski stated that he has been involved in sailing since the age of eight, and also he is the instructor of this sport for 18 years. Polish sailor traveled different countries including Germany, Russia, and the UK, with his team including his father, and children and try to spread sailing in the community of the Deaf.

Germany, Russia, and the UK, including the different countries of the sailing sport in the world of hearing impaired efforts to widespread. The main goal of the team is to be able to include sailing sport in Deaflympics. The main goal of the team is to be able to include sailing sport in Deaflympics.


In sailing, coordination is very important. Guminski and his team have taken measures against all potential problems by a language of 800 words for the deaf. Guminski said: “We can communicate even if we are far away with sign language. There are rules about it, so we created a language. It consists of around eight hundred words. You can communicate easily thanks to it. Our book already includes the terms. You may not make your voice heard from far away, but your hands will be seen.” 

Guminski said that they are now in contact with 15 countries and that they want to participate in the next Deaflympics by increasing the number of sailing athletes.


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