İlhan Çıtak, who has the highest number of medals in Turkey's history of Deaflympics, has reached seven gold and one bronze in total with two gold medals gain in Samsun. 40-year-old coach Rüstem Koyuncu told the secret of the success of İlhan.

Ilhan Çıtak, born in 1977, started to wrestle at the age of 10. İlhan who had a high fever that caused him to suffer severe hearing loss at the age of 15, competes with deaf people for 17 years after competing with the hearing people in the organizations.

Rüstem Koyuncu who know İlhan since 1997 when he entered the youth national team spoke of İlhan Çıtak who has experienced the fifth Deaflympics in Samsun and raised the number of gold medals to seven.

the National Team Coach Koyuncu stated that İlhan is an athlete who is very professional and loves to work. He says that "Ilhan knows when to sleep when to wake up when to listen very well. He is a wrestler who incredibly concentrates on the matches."

Koyuncu stated that he worked with many champion wrestlers during his career as a coach and the names of those who achieved great successes could make trouble from time to time, and added: "But Ilhan is not like that. He has many coaches whose ages are close to his and trusts all of them, listens what they say. Ilhan is a legend. I always show him as an example for young people. İlhan, who was in the youth national team together with those who heard in 1997. I was one of the coaches of that team. I mean, I know him for 20 years, I worked with him. He does so much more than what I want from him. However and only when you are very tired you want permission. Before the games in Samsun, we only ask once or twice for the six camps we have organized so that "He wants a day off if and only he is really tired. Before the games in Samsun, he only asked once or twice during six camps we have organized, nothing more."
Ilhan Çıtak, who competes for both free and Greco-roman wrestling, won gold in free style, Rome in 2001, Taipei in 2009 and Samsun in 2017. İlhan took gold medals in Roma 2001, Melbourne 2005, Taipei 2009, Sofia 2013 and Samsun 2017 in Greco-Roman wrestling. So, He was at the top of the podium in every Deaflympics he attended.

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