Turkish Deaf Swimming National Team which continues its preparations for the 23rd Deaflympics in Turkey Olympic Training Center (TOHM) in Ankara, will attend the games with its squad of 8 athletes. The athletes who will represent Turkish national jersey are the bests of their disciplines.

The selection process for the team among the athletes who continue the preparation before the Deaflympics 2017, is happened in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. The athletes who achieved the best scores in the Turkish Championship held before the Deaflympics in Keçiören were entitled to enter the squad.


The coach of the Deaf National Team Zafer Yüksel touched upon the performance and mental situation of the athletes and added: "All of our children are very well, motivated and fascinated by the Olympic atmosphere. We as technical team are helping them to work and we are going to complete our shortcomings"


One of the most important advantages of the national team in swimming is the deaf coach Berra Çetindaş. Çetindaş, a former swimming national team athlete, said she chose coaching to overcome the troubles that she experienced with his teammates and coaches who could hear during her athletic career.

Çetindaş states that there is a difference between the athlete who does not hear with a coach who heard said:

"In my time, we were aware of the lack of communication between coaches and athletes. We were having a lot of problems. In such an environment not only the athlete but also the teacher is experiencing a communication gap. That's why I got a diploma in coaching. I am now a kind of ambassador between coaches and athletes."

Here are the athletes who will compete to win a medal in the national team from 20th of July to 26th:

Meliha Uncu Tosun, Emre Gürsoy, Berna Dikyuva, Emirhan Eroğlu, Reyhan Küçük, Ali Özyalçın, Cihan Sarıoğlu ve Buse Yörükoğlu.

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