Twelve athletes will represent Turkey in the bicycle branch in 23rd Summer Deaflympics, which will be held in Samsun between July 18-30. The team, which was established in four months, soon became ready for Deaflympics with an intensive training program.

12 of the 294 athletes to represent Turkey in Samsun Deaflympics 2017 will compete in the cycling. The team of seven men and five women will pedal in the road cycling and mountain bike. Bikers selected among the athletes participating in the Turkish Deaf Championship organized in Manavgat on March 5th gave a start of the fourth and last camp period in Samsun before Deaflympics, after camping for a total of 79 days in Alanya.

Başantrenör Hakan Kıpık said that when establishing the team, they gave priority to the ones who had previously acquired the sports background in basketball, athletics, and volleyball. Kıpık expressed that athletes were subjected to a heavy training program in a short period of time and added: "We gave our cyclists a compressed training. They all made great sacrifices. Our performance is at a good level now. After Deaflympics, we aim to go even better and win medals in the coming years"

Kıpık who emphasized they came a long way within in a short period of time said: "We are able to do this both thanks to our Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Turkish Deaf  Sports Federation. They provide all of our equipment and our needs."

The only athlete who represents Turkey in the bicycle sport in Deaflympics organized in Sofia four years ago is Mustafa Önder Atik said: "It's very difficult. But now we can camp in Alanya for three months as a team. I hope to make Turkey proud at the Deaflympics. We are expecting everyone to watch us"

Road cycling races will be held on 19th to 25th of July and it includes sprint, individual time trial, road racing and points race and the mountain biking competitions will be on 24th of July.

Here is the cyclists which will represent Turkey at Deaflympics 2017:

Mountain Biking: Mustafa Önder Atik, Ercüment Boran, Ramazan Günay, Onur Kop, Raziye Salim.
Road Cycling: Kasım Asma, Büşra Çetinkaya, Cuma Ekener, Ali Korkmaz, Ebru Tok, Nazlı Tahtallı, Elvan Topal


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