Six of the athletes who won a total of seven gold medals in their respective sports in Sofia will represent Turkey on 18-30 July in Samsun. These athletes will compete to protect their title in Samsun.

Turkish athletes won 7 gold, 9 silver and 17 bronze medals in Deaflympics 2013, held in Bulgaria's capital Sofia. Turkish athletes who won gold medals in Sofia, Samet Bulut at Judo (two gold medals), Fatih Çiçek at karate, İlham Çıtak at wrestling, Merve Yazıcı, Muhammed Güler and Selver Şeker at taekwondo will represent Turkey at 23rd Summer Deaflympics.

Samet Bulut, Turkish national athlete who said that they will compete to win gold medal in order to protect their title in Samsun stated that he will do whatever he can do to achieve this and added "We want to announce the power of Turkish sports and Turkish athletes all over the world in the Olympics.

Turkish national wrestler Ilhan Çıtak who became the champion of Deaflympics in wrestling for years in a row said that he wants to bring the fifth championship home and wave the Turkish flag with honour. Çıtak: "As the national team, we have full confidence in ourselves and our athlete friends."

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