Turkish Deaf Shooting National Team which comes to the end of their preparations for Deaflympics 2017 to be held between from 18 to 30 July in Samsun aims to win medals in the name of Turkey.

Turkish national athletes continue their last stage of preparations in Turkey Olympic Training Center (TOHM) in Eryaman, Ankara.

Bora Göktepe, the coach of the deaf shooting national team, stated that they come a long way within a short period of time and that they will do whatever they can do to win a medal. Göktepe also said: "As the other sports, the championships are made first. According to the results of the Turkish Championships, we took a very large squad to the camp. After the elimination in the camp, the final squad is revealed. There is a total of 12 athletes, including 7 male and 5 female. We will represent our country in 9 different branches."


Ayşe Nur Coşar who managed to get into the team at the age of 16 said: "My father and brother also took place in the national wrestling teams, I am happy that I follow their footsteps in this regard. When I first choose the shooting sport, I never expected to be in the national team. I will take place in the Olympic Games for the first time, I am very excited." Coşar stated that she wants to win a medal in this Games and in order to achieve that she is working hard.

The shooting sport competitions of 23rd Summer Deaflympics will be start on 17th of July.

Here is the squad which will represent Turkey in shooting sport:

Coaches: Bora Göktepe, Murat Arslan, Hanifi Fazlı Soysal ve Mübeccel Çalhan
Athletes: Makbule Akkaya, Ayşe Nur Coşar, Ayşe Simin Temur, Seval Öztürk, Sevda Öztürk, İlyas Hakkı Kavalcı, İsmail Yakıcı, Habip Yeşilöz, Mehmet Bal, Onur Can Gökçedağ, Mehmet Cesim Güçlü ve Oğuzhan Yılmaz.


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