Top level security precautions have been taken at Samsun for 23rd Summer Deaflympic Games. Province Chief of Security Vedat Yavuz stated that 3.300 police officers have been stationed at the Games and 5.300 throughout the province of Samsun.

3.300 police officers have been stationed in the city and 5.300 throughout the province of Samsun for 23rd Summer Deaflympics, which will begin with an opening ceremony in the new 19 Mayıs Stadium located in Tekkeköy district.

Samsun Province Chief of Security Vedat Yavuz stated that he was appointed on 11th of July, the day the training schedule of the teams started. "We have reached the necessary numbers with reinforcements from the General Directorate of Security. The appropriate security measures are now in place in the 37 event venues, Deaflympics Village and the lodgings. Our total personnel now numbers 5.300 with reinforcements from neighboring provinces. 3.300 alone have been tasked with implementing the necessary measures in the Games", he said.



Mr. Vedat Yavuz underlined that all measures have been taken in places frequented by citizens in summer such as İlkadım and Atakum districts and continued: "We have taken all security, policing and counterterror measures. We are in coordination with the General Directorate of Security and we have acquired the necessary equipment and crew. We are ready and on duty with all our personnel for the 23rd Summer Deaflympics".



Yavuz reminded that the Turkish nation is a nation renowned worldwide for its hospitality. "Our Samsun is a beautiful province that has preserved that spirit in this region. I am sure that our Samsun, our compatriots from Samsun will demonstrate that hospitality as well as possible. And we as the Samsun Directorate of Security will support our citizens by providing the security they deserve".


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