Turkish Deaf Orienteering Team which will participate in Deaflympics for the first time is full of hope for the Games despite the team is newly established.

Orienteering which has its place in Summer Deaflympics since 1997 also is in the competition schedule of Deaflympics 2017 to be held in Samsun. Turkey will participate in the Olympic Games in orienteering for the first time which has been done in Turkey for 20 years and requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse

Turkey Deaf Orienteering National Team Head Coach Kenan Aksın stated that they will participate in orienteering with 7 athletes which they are selected from a large team of 40 people.
Aksın who said that they had an active preparation period in the last one year and added: "There are serious differences between the result of the last year and this year. Our deaf athletes now become athletes who are good enough to compete with hearing ones. Even one of our deaf athletes finish the competition in advance and became the Champion of Turkey. These things make us proud. We are hopeful for the Olympic Games, we are expecting something good but we are not sure what we will encounter"

Huriye Karahan, 19, is one of the 3 female athletes of the orienteering team who is working in a factory. Huriye who indicates that her goal is to be in the top three and added: "We target to take the best rank we can get. I am struggling in the forest but I am trying to improve myself"
Here are the athletes to compete in the national orienteering team in the Olympic Games with the guidance of head coach Kenan Aksın and coach Hasan Yılmaz:

Sevda Aktaş, Yusuf Emre Aydoğdu, Kadriye Demirci, Emrah Eren, Huriye Karahan, Hakan Kayan, Ahmet Sallı.

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