The host country Turkey completed 23rd Summer Deaflympics with 17 gold, 7 silver and 22 bronze medals for a total of 46. The Turkish team broke their own record and finished 4th on the Deaflympics 2017 medal count.

The 23rd Summer Deaflympic Games have come to an end, having brought together more than 3 thousand athletes from 97 countries. Turkey has complete this grand organization it has hosted with 46 medals. The Turkish athletes have therefore surpassed their own previous record in Sofia 2013, where they had won 32 medals.

The most successful country of the team was Russia, who have won 85 gold, 53 silver and 61  bronze medals for a total of 199. Ukraine has won 21 gold, 42 silver and 26 bronze medals for a total of 99, while South Korea takes the 3rd place with 18 gold, 20 silver and 14 bronze medals for a total of 52. Turkey is the 4th with 17 gold, 7 silver and 22 bronze medals for a total of 46.

The names that have brought Turkey this success are as follows:



Athletics (1): Yasin Süzen (Men's 400m)

Football (1): Turkey Deaf Men's National Football Team

Greco-Roman Wrestling (4): Mehmet Ali Yiğit (Men's 59 kg), Muhammet Akdeniz (Men's 71 kg), Kadir Kuş (Men's 75 kg), İlhan Çıtak (Men's 98 kg)

Handball (1): Turkey Deaf Men's National Handball Team

Judo (2): Erkan Esenboğa (Men's 60 kg), Erkan Esenboğa / Abdullah Sevinç (Mixed team kata)

Karate (2): Gamze Keresteci (Women's Kumite + 68 kg), Burak Mert Can / Mehmet Ali Sapmaz / Fatih Çiçek (Men's team kata)

Freestyle Wrestling (1): İlhan Çıtak (Men's 97 kg)

Taekwondo (4): Ali Rıza Karaca (Men's singles poomsae), Ayşe Gül Gökkaya / Aslıhan Savan / Elif Yenigün (Women's team poomsae), Selver Şeker (Women's +67 kg), Merve Yazıcı (Women's 49 kg)

Voleybol (1): Turkey Deaf Men's National Volleyball Team



Athletics (1): Muhammet Çakır (Men's hammer throw)

Judo (1): Mehmet Uysal (Men's +100 kg)

Karate (2): Burak Mert Can (Men's Kata), Mehmet Ali Sapmaz (Men's Kumite 67 kg)

Taekwondo (3): Ayşe Gül Gökkaya (Women's singles poomsae), İbrahim Atamer / Zeki Çalışkan / Ali Karaca (Men's team poomsae), Muhammed Güler (Men's 68 kg)



Athletics (1): Şükrü Çetinkaya / Hasan Baydaş / Hüseyin Baydaş / Yasin Süzen (Men's 4x400m relay)

Greco-Roman Wrestling (2): Celal Koçak (Men's 66 kg), Ahmet Talha Kaçur (Men's 80 kg)

Judo (3): Ayşe Kesiktaş (Women's 70 kg), Samet Bulut (Men's 100 kg), Dilek Altın / Münife Aydın / İpek Erçin / Didem Erel / Ayşe Kesiktaş / Zehra Özbey / Serpil Yavuz (Women's Team)

Karate (8): Rümeysa Akyüzlü (Women's Kumite 61 kg), Melek Dereköy (Women's Kumite 68 kg), Kader Işık (Women's Kumite Open), Fatih Çiçek (Men's Kata), Burak Mert Can (Men's Kumite 60 kg), Volkan Kardeşler (Men's Kumite 75 kg), Kader Işık / Rezzan Işık / Zeliha Işık (Women's Team Kata), Rümeysa Akyüzlü / Melek Dereköy / Melek Morgil / Sena Sönmez / İrem Topaloğlu (Women's Team Kumite)

Wrestling Freestyle (4): Mehmet Ali Yiğit (Men's 61 kg), Onur Arı (Men's 65 kg), Ercan Gör (Men's 70 kg), Dursun Gözel  (Men's 86 kg)

Taekwondo (3): İbrahim Atamer / Aslıhan Savan (Mixed Pairs Poomsae), Batuhan Şimşek (Men's 80 kg), Osman Geçit (Men's +80 kg)

Tennis (1): Tutem Banguoğlu / Asuman Şakı (Women's Doubles)

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