Director of Turkey Deaf Sports Federation Yakup Ümit Kihtir said: "Bringing Olympic flags to Turkey thanks to Deaflympics is very important for the promotion of our country. This organization is a good way to demonstrate whole the world how great a place Turkey is."

Director of Turkey Deaf Sports Federation (TİSFED) Yakup Ümit Kihtir made statements about 23rd Summer Deaflympics to be hosted in Samsun.

Kihtir, a former national swimmer and elected president of Turkey's first deaf federation in 2015, "In 2011,  there were elections for the Olympics in Rome, Italy and we competed against three countries. As the Federation, we took the Olympic flag from Argentina by two votes and brought it to Turkey. Subsequently, our Ministry of Youth and Sports established the Olympic Organization Preparatory and Regulatory Board to make the organization go more smoothly. We receive very positive comments from other countries, they congratulate us. They like that everything is so beautiful. So we are happy and proud. I thank Minister of Youth and Sports Akif Çağatay Kılıç.


Kihtir emphasized that Samsun 2017 is the biggest event of the history of Deaflympics and Turkish sports and added: "Up to this time, hosting the biggest sports event in Turkey and bringing the Olympic flag to Turkey is very important in terms of the promotion of our country. Through this organization, we will show the world how great a place Turkey is. I believe that this organization will be an example to the world. We'll show how big organizations we can handle"


Yakup Ümit Kihtir, who stated that they will be successful as the host country, continued as follows:

I've been on the Federation presidency for two years. And within two years we have World and European championships in football and volleyball, and we have medals in many sports. Our achievements have always been consecutive. It is very important for us to become the champions again in athletics and wrestling in Samsun. We are the host of Deaflympics. So our own land, our own air, our citizens, and supporters will be here. This will boost our teams. I believe that our national teams will gain many medals.



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