Wrestling competitions are completed in the 23rd Summer Deaflympics. National Deaf Wrestlers have won 11 medals in freestyle and Greco-Roman.

The wrestling matches in Deaflympics Samsun 2017 ended after the freestyle competition. Turkish National Deaf Wrestling Team took a total of 11 medals in two styles and left their mark in the mind of the crowd.

In Sofia Deaflympics 2013, wrestling became the branch which we won medals with the highest number, and this tradition did not change in Samsun. Turkish national deaf wrestlers have gained 11 medals in total, including 5 gold, 6 bronze for Turkey.

In 23rd Summer Deaflympics, the first medals in wrestling competitions came from the Greco-Roman style. In Greco-Roman style Ilhan Çıtak in 98 kg, Kadir Kuş in 75 kg, Mehmet Ali Yiğit in 59 kg, Muhammed Akdeniz in 71kg won gold medals and Ahmet Talha Kacur in 80 kg, Celal Kocak in 70kg gained bronze medals.

In the free style competitions, Ilhan Çıtak became the owner of the gold medal in 97 kg and Dursun Gözel in 86 kg, Mehmet Ali Yiğit in 61 kg, Onur Arı 65 in kg, Ercan Gör in 70 kg gained bronze medals.


Turkish Deaf Wrestling National Team Coach Rüstem Koyuncu, said that the results are satisfying and added: "Thank God, our children did their best. Our two athletes who we expect them to gain gold medals did not succeed and that made us upset. We could have been much more successful but we are still very well prepared as a freestyle and Greco-Roman athletes and coach team. How happy we are if we could make our country happy. I think the competitions were very good. These 11 medals are gifts to our country.

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