The Turkish badminton team, who couldn't achieve the results they were hoping for in the doubles games, are hoping to compensate for their losses in the singles games and earn medals.

Turkey National Deaf Badminton Team lost to China in the quarter-finals and got eliminated. Now, their eyes are on the singles competition.

Turkey started well in the singles games. Nalan Kaygın in Group L defeated his Hong Kongese opponent Chan Yeu Lam with a score of 2-0. Nalan will play his second match of the group on July 25.

Ertan Özkan, head coach of the Turkey National Deaf Badminton Team, made a press statement after the game: "The team matches are over. The world leaders, China, were our opponents in the quarter-finals. I'd call it bad luck. We made it out of the groups. But not everything is over, now we have the singles games. We have good groups there. Now, our goal is to finish the groups as first. Then, hope our kids gain medals with a good fixture. Our squad is still new. We are one of the youngest countries in terms of our average age. In this regard, the Deaflympics will be great for us. I believe we will gain medals in competitions in the following years."

Nalan Kaygın, who achieved a victory against her rival from Hong Kong, stated: "I really wanted to win and I did. I played really well. I will play against my rival from Chinese Taipei next match. I will do my best for Turkey. I am happy my mother is here too. I've been all over Europe and other places in the world for 8 years. My mother was never with me. She's now in Samsun, so I'm happy."


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