On Father's Day, a surprise message came from fathers of Turkish national athletes who will represent Turkey in Deaflympics 2017.

Their fathers who give full support to our national athletes representing our country in the 23rd Summer Deaflympics expressed their love by wishing success.

National tennis player İsmail Hakkı Yılmaz's father Fatih Yilmaz, national wrestler Dursun Gözel's father Kazım Gözel, national Tae-kwon-do player Aslıhan Savan Kuş's father Necati Savan and national karate player Şaban Öz's coach İbrahim Erçin give their children who are preparing for the Olympics moral support by making a video for them.

National karate player Şaban Köse who lost his father earlier sent an emotional message to the National Team head coach İbrahim Erçin on his father's day. Erçin, who expressed that he was very affected with this, sent a message to Şaban Köse on father's day in sign language: "My son, I wish you success in Deaflympics. I love you very much."


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