The Turkish National Deaf Football Team, who became the European and World Champions consecutively, took their first step towards the treble by beating the Saudi Arabian National Deaf Football Team and starting off Deaflympics 2017 with a victory.

The European champions in 2015 and the World champions in 2016, now the Turkish team has set their eyes on Deaflympics 2017 and completing the treble.

Ali Metin, who began working in Deaf football in 2006, is the head coach of the national team since 2013. The question everybody has in their minds is how the Crescent-Stars surpassed other well-known teams and became the European and World champions...


The 52-year-old coach, when questioned about his successes, answered: "I started scouting the Deaf leagues when I signed a contract for the national team in 2013. We prepared our U17 national team from that. We are trying to keep the core of the team intact and improve, develop, teach our kids in training camps to feed them into the national team. I have a different working method. We have a successful roster now. We couldn't play like this when I started in 2006. We couldn't even beat amateur teams. But now we're playing head-to-head with 2nd and 3rd league teams".


Ali Metin, who held a press meeting about the Saudi Arabia match in Olympic Village, said the first match is always very hard and voiced his excitement: "I and my squad are in Deaflympics for the first time. The aura of the Deaflympics is really very different".


The Crescent-Stars managed to win the match 3-1 in 19 Mayıs Stadium with two goals from Hüseyin Er and one from Hakan Kurt. Head coach Ali Metin remarked after the game: "These matches aren't easy. The first match of each competition is always stressful for the coaches and players but of course, this result is great for us. We didn't lose the momentum. Our Egypt match will be tough too. We played Egypt in the quarterfinals in Italy last year. A team we have played in the finals in 2012. There's no such thing as an easy match. We always tell our players this. No match is won easy".


Hüseyin Er, who lives in England and plays for St. John's Deaf Football Club semi-professionally, scored two goals that brought Turkey the win after 1-1. The experienced player said that they know all eyes are on them and continued: "We want to win all matches. We are playing at our own side. We're at hoome. Everybody's eyes are on us, and the audience wants us to win. We became the European champions two years ago and the World champions last year. We want to win the in the Deaflympics and complete the Treble. We are working very hard for that".

The Turkish National Deaf Football Team will play its second match on 21st of July, at 20:00 against Egypt.


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