Turkey defeated Russia with a score of 30-26 in the men's handball final, earning its first medal in handball in Deaflympics history.

Turkey Deaf Men National Handball Team lost both 2012 European Championship and 2014 World Championship in the final game. They seem to have learned their lesson for Deaflympics 2017.

Advancing step-by-step to the finals, the team held its last meeting before the match with the experience accumulated in the last 5 years. Coach Korer Koral brought up the troubles they experienced when he took the job in 2012: "When we started training 5 years ago, the players had problems passing to each other. They couldn't do it after the first, second pass; the ball would drop to the ground on the third. So we started from the beginning, with the alphabet", he said.


On the road to Çarşamba Sports Hall for the final match, that the team would succeed was evident from the players' manners. They were confident and calm, joking with each other on the way.

The atmosphere of the team bus was also the same in the match. The team held the momentum throughout the game, winning with a score of 30-26 in front of tribunes packed to the brim. The crowd erupted into a frenzy of joy with the final whistle. Coach Koral remarked: "I am personally very, very happy. It is very hard to express these feelings. The dream of a sportsman is the European Championship, World Championship, Olympic Games. I couldn't do it all when I was a player myself, I've done a lot but being the coach of an Olympic-winning team has made me very proud".


The scorer Mustafa Özbay couldn't explain his happiness. The experienced player stated: "It's a very weird feeling. I've won a medal, I keep on thinking whether it's a dream or the reality. But it's not a dream now, it's real".

With this result, Turkey has now compensated for the missed European and World Championships and has proudly climbed to the top of the Deaflympics podium.


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