Vice President of The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD), Kang Chen, who is in Samsun for 23rd Summer Deaflympics, stated that despite the short period of time in the preparation process, the distance covered is impressively astonishing.

The 41-year-old Taiwanese executive said that the preparations for Samsun, which will host the highest participating Deaflympics ever, are completed shortly and magically.

Chen mentioned that they had done a great job for the games in 2009 in Taiwan but the situation in Samsun is different. Chen also said: "We have done a great deal of work in Taiwan 2009 before. As volunteers, translators, and athletes, we all worked for 6 years. We worked, prepared and made the opening in 2009. Right now Samsun is a bit different. Everything here is getting ready in a moment, even in a very short period of time. At first, I could not believe it. Everything gets ready in a magical way at a stroke.

Chen stated that being deaf does not retain people from being actively involved life and emphasized the importance of both deaf and non-deaf people's self-improvement. Chen, who exemplifies himself, says, "I am in sports management. I have never done sport before neither as a professional or as an amateur but I can make sports related plans. I can organize this. I create awareness for the deaf people. I also give information about sports techniques in the same way. I make a difference, I share. Deaf people need to improve themselves in this way. Non-deaf people also need to become aware and mindful"

Kang Chen, who is a very good cook outside of management, said that he liked to experience different foods and cultures of different countries and he also heard the Turkish cuisine as well. Vice President Chen: " I came to Samsun and I searched and tasted its foods. I encountered different tastes. I know you have a lot of different tastes, but I can not taste all of them. I ate what I could. I found the finest taste in rice pudding. When I first ate, I immediately feel the desire to eat again. I even ate three or four rice pudding at a time. My greatest love became rice pudding after that. Even when I'm talking right now, I crave for it and I do not know what to do.


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