23rd Summer Deaflympics continues at full speed. Volunteers from different ages also support the process to go on without a problem. The two most notable names among the volunteers are Celal Ersin, 63, the oldest and Ahmet Efe Şişman, 17, the youngest volunteers

Celal Ersin said that he believed that his experience would make a difference and that he was excited and continued: "I worked as a technical delegate in table tennis and swimming in the Olympics in 2001. I was a table tennis technical delegate in 2003, and in 2007 I made translations in the volleyball branch in Belgium. I was a technical delegate in Bulgaria four years ago. I came to Samsun this year, I am excited and want to be successful. Our target as Turkey is to be successful.


Ahmet Efe Şişman, 18, separated from the group of the youngest volunteers by a day and keep the title of the youngest volunteer. Şişman, "Since my childhood, I participated in sports as both an athlete and a sports watcher. I did not want to miss this opportunity because such a big organization came to my hometown and country, Samsun. There are people here from all ages and professions. The atmosphere here is really friendly, very nice. I believe this organization will make me improved. I hope everything will pass very good. I am excited and happy.


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