Within the scope of Deaflympics Coordinator of Volunteer Department's courses and camps, 1500 volunteers are ready for 23rd Summer Deaflympics.

5112 people applied to Deaflympics which in total of 1154 Turk, 96 foreign and 250 hearing impaired people will be working as a volunteer. 650 volunteers who know the sign language and 850 volunteers who do not know the sign language were selected as a result of the one-to-one interviews. At the end of the ongoing training at the camp, 500 international sign language interpreters with 250 hearing impaired will be ready to serve.


In the Olympic city Samsun, many volunteers from different cities and different ages are undergoing intensive training to take part in Deaflympics 2017.

İlkay Aydin, the coordinator of Çarşamba Youth Services and Sports District Manager and Deaflympics' Volunteer Department who stated that voluntary work started in January expressed how the process in ongoing. Aydın said that 5112 people applied for to be a volunteer and after one-to-one interviews, 1500 volunteers are ready to serve.

Aydın stated that they are caring for the social  responsibility projects of the volunteers and added:  “For 6 months we are doing social activities like celebrating specific days and weeks and other things such as visiting village schools, celebrating the newroz and labor day."

İlkay Aydın who state that the construction of the volunteer village will be completed in the following days, continued his words as follows:

"There were many applications from various professions, housewives to workers, security officers, sign language speakers and those who do not know the sign language. We have been training the volunteers at Atakum Youth Center 3 hours a day for two days a week for those who do not know any sign between 1500 volunteers who have chosen about 10 days of interviews. We have been training those among 1500 volunteers who do not know the sign language for two days a week, 3 hours at Atakum Youth Center.

Our other hearing-impaired volunteers are also receiving international sign language training in 10-day camps, and their needs such as accommodation and eating are fulfilled at the 19th May Youth Camp. Since 1 July, volunteers will be gathered at volunteer's village and their job description and how to deal with disabled people will be told and we will provide the orientation courses by promoting Deaflympics and Samsun.


The youngest 18, aged 58-year-old volunteers, expressed that they volunteered to help disabled athletes and their happiness to be a volunteer.

Sevinç Özöğüt, 58, the oldest volunteer, stated that within the scope of volunteering she received international sign language education for Deaflympics this year and added: "Last year I participated in the Turkish sign language course and this year we will try to help the deaf athletes during the Olympics.

Melike Günday who is the youngest volunteer and a student at the age of 18 said "I am very excited that a big organization like Deaflympics will be held in Samsun this year. That's why I volunteered. It will be a great honor for me to help all athletes. I am very happy to be a volunteer.

Koka who came from the Ivory Coast to from Samsun 19 Mayıs University to do his Ph.D. said "We are waiting for everybody to the Olympics. Everything will be alright"


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