While 3105 athletes from 97 countries continue their preparations for 23rd Summer Deaflympics to be held on from 18 to 30 July, 1,500 volunteers who will take part in this big event compete in their Olympic games.

It is aimed to remove the obstacles between deaf and speaking people with the games organized in Ilkadım Dormitory, where 1,500 volunteers are staying.

Director of Volunteer Department of Deaflympics 2017, İlkay Aydın stated: "We aim to establish a bond between the deaf volunteers and hearing volunteers, to build a teamwork, to carry the harmony among them to the Olympic Games."


Deaf and hearing athletes who are mixed in the teams participating in the games need to be able to communicate with each other without help from outside in order to be successful.

Yunus Keleş, a Turkish deaf volunteer, stated that the communication they had with the hearing people during the games is useful for understanding each other. Constantina Ziouli, a volunteer from Greece, who came to Turkey through a student exchange program, said she had a great experience and felt very good to help each other.

Volympics, which creates solidarity among deaf and hearing people, provides a significant experience to the participants for seven days.

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